Friday, August 22, 2008

Just Rude

As I was diligently working, my managing paralegal walked past my desk. Chasing behind her was a colleague who stopped her so that she could give her a FedEx box. Now . . . I sit closest to the managing paralegal's office, but instead of taking her box to her office to open it, she proceeds to open it on my ledge. Oookay. As I continue to work diligently despite the fact, she decides to have a difficult time opening her package. I mean, who doesn't know how to open a FedEx box? She was making so much noise, banging the box on my ledge repeatedly in attempts to get it open. After she finally gets it open, she walks to one of my paralegal's desk to drop off the box's contents, as it was for that particular paralegal's territory. The managing paralegal then asked the paralegal where her inbox was located. (Okay now that's ridiculous. As managing paralegal, she should know which paralegals support which attorneys/legal secretaries and that question was absurd.) My paralegal proceeded to say, "Fierce Fashionista has my inbox." Do you know that the managing paralegal walked back over to me and literally dropped the box into my paralegals inbox (my ledge shook) and then had the nerve to hit the box twice after she dropped it into her inbox!!! MOFO!!! I mean seriously, what the fuck is your problem yo! I swear I was two seconds off of saying that shit aloud. Why do I have to work with such rude people? It pisses me off. It's like these mofos received no home training. And they're so much older, you would think it would be the younger ones being so rude, but no. I just don't understand. [Sigh . . . ]

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Single Girl said...

It's ALWAYS the older ones. Hi haters. A**holes.